The Four Pillars of Education for the 21st Century and Human Values.

How to learn being, knowing, doing, and living together?

We know that these four pillars of the 21st Century Education are autotransformers and imbued with deep Human Values.

How to conquer them?

We know that politics, psychology, sociology, as well as education and health, are areas that are intrinsically interconnected and dedicated to building full human beings, with both material and spiritual prosperity, with good conduct values and good character; but this goal has not been conquered yet.

We need men and women who want to serve and not be served, we need educators who truly love children and adolescents, as well the society as a whole.

Where to find people capable of public office for the pleasure of doing good and serving others?

Men and women thus prepared certainly passed through an experience that enlarged their consciousness in the real moral and spiritual Human Values.

Individuals who have transformed themselves through awareness and transformative and direct contact with their inner potential, the divine spark that resides in each of us.

The Methodology of Human Values in a transdisciplinary way makes it possible to transform unmotivated and unbelieving educators or professionals into accomplished, conscious individuals in search of the achievement of Individual and Social Human Excellence.

This new reflexive, systemic and self-transforming methodology of Values begins in the individual, permeates the family and reaches society through an instigating and motivating learning.

All developed countries have basic education as a pillar because “As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined…” our grandparents had already said.

This methodology is part of all the projects that MAGMA offers.

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